FIRSTIP aims to achieve the following objectives:-

  • To provide a forum for the dissemination of Information and discussions of issues relating to Scientific and traditional knowledge, intellectual property and sustainable technologies;
  • To provide assistance in establishment of research centers, idea incubation centers and testing laboratories for development of sustainable technologies;
  • To encourage and develop innovative educational and teaching methods for children, youths and public at large in order to inculcate in them interest about various scientific disciplines;
  • To establish educational institutions for providing basic and higher education with innovative teaching methods to develop creativity and scientific acumen including but not limited to vocational training;
  • To establish libraries, group study centres and portals;
  • To promote grass root level innovations;
  • To assist inventors, creative artists and innovators in creation and protection of intellectual property and felicitating them for such initiatives;
  • To design and organise educational and training programmes, seminars, round tables, lectures, interactive sessions etc. on Innovation, Intellectual Property, Traditional Knowledge and sustainable technologies;
  • To protect and document our Traditional Knowledge including traditional cultural expressions, grass root innovations, folklores and Plant Varieties;
  • Dissemination of knowledge available in ancient Indian Scientific literature in Sanskrit language or any other script of the world and utilise the same for promoting sustainable technologies;
  • To develop legislations relating to protection of intellectual property and sustainable technologies and standardise them for adoption by the Government;
  • To extend help to governments and NGOs involved in treaty negotiation in order to safeguard the interests of public at large;
  • To encourage and assist in development of eco-friendly and economically viable technologies for trade and industry or public at large in order to curb the menace of pollution;
  • To promote entrepreneurship and develop a pool of senior experts for assisting innovators, budding entrepreneurs and various enterprises for development of world community;
  • To publish periodicals, magazines, journals, newsletters, audio-visual clips, documentaries and circulate the same in order to promote the aforesaid objectives;
  • To promote Special Intellectual Property Zones for developing innovative and sustainable technologies.