Volunteer with Us

In addition to the membership, you can be part of our team of volunteers to support any of the objectives of FIRSTIP. You can join any one of the following working groups and committees.

Working Groups:

  1. Working Group on Traditional Knowledge
  2. Technology Licensing Working Group
  3. Sustainable Innovation Working Group


  1. Academic Committee– The key roles of this committee are:

(i)   To advise on member benefits and services for Students, Scientists and Academicians.

(ii)   To develop, implement and maintain short term academic and capacity building programs including lectures, roundtables, seminars, panel discussions etc.,

(iii)   To design and develop awards in different categories,

(iv)   To design and organise competitions on scientific innovation and traditional knowledge.

The activities of this committee may include program content development; course materials review and/or development; recruitment of speakers, and moderators; location and venue recommendations; and promotional assistance.

  • Events Committee- FIRSTIP’s Events Committee develops, implements and maintains Awareness programs for inventors. Committee members also participate as project team members when necessary.
  • Young Innovators Committee- This committee has following roles:

(i)    To benchmark and advise on member benefits and services for Young Innovators;

(ii)   To develop, implement and maintain programmes for young innovators.

  • Legislation Committee- This committee has following roles:

(i)   To analyzes legislative and regulatory developments and identifies deficiencies in existing laws and regulations relating to technology and intellectual property;

(ii)   To develop legislations relating to protection of intellectual property and sustainable technologies and standardise them for adoption by the Government;

(iii)   To extend help to governments and NGOs involved in treaty negotiation in order to safeguard the interests of public at large;

  • Bulletin Committee – The roles of this committee are as follows:

(i)   To conduct research, write and edit articles related to activities of organisation for publication in FIRSTIP Bulletin;

(ii)   To obtain material from other committees for publication into the bulletin after careful editing;

(iii)   To ensure that the monthly bulletin is produced in a timely manner;

(iv)   To provide support to the Academic Committee as requested.

The term of aforesaid committees shall be one year. The Committee Selection shall begin from September 01, 2013 for the 2013-2014 Committee Term.

Please feel free to contact us to apply for a Working Group or Committee Membership.